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EDGE OF NIGHT cast mates Jennifer Joan Taylor ("Detective Chris Eagan"), Lela Ivey ("Mitzi Martin"), and Mariann Aalda ("DiDi Bannister")

Oscar & June’s 15-yr-old was in love w/ Jim. Arthur Loew Jr. took ppl over: Liz Taylor, Michael Wilding, Joan Collins, Henry Ginsberg, Jimmy & 2 girls. Joan knew Marcia wanted to meet Jim. Jim sat by bed & touched Marcia lightly on nose. She awoke, screeched, dove under blankets. E'one laughed. Jimmy said, “Come on out & come downstairs w/ us, Marcia. I want to talk to you.” He spent 30 mins talking w/ her. Then he said gently, “You’d better get back to bed. We’re all tired.” (Joe Hyams)

Revealed: The Hollywood stars who were paid thousands to promote smoking

Profitable: Hollywood star Bette Davis was another star who endorsed smoking