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from The Daily Meal

American Egg Board CEO Steps Down After Emails Reveal Machinations Against Vegan Competitor

Joanne Ivy — the CEO of the American Egg Board, the egg lobby group best recognized for its “Incredible, Edible Egg” campaign —has stepped down from her post as of late September, a few months earlier than her scheduled retirement on December

annoying SLANG...I hate when people over use these, makes me wanna punch them in the f'ing throat. Just saying :-)

Pasolini's 'Salo or 120 Days of Sodom' -- Pasolini took a risk with Salò, and, for that, we must love him. He dared to combine a number of impulses (some personal) in a way that would leave him open to charges of irresponsibility, provocation and misjudgment. Indeed, even his death (in the weeks after completing the film) is still shrouded in mystery, many believing he was ‘killed off’ by certain political machinations. As an act of cinema, Salò goes to the extreme of propriety…

"I’m really, really good at losing now. I got it down…at this point I can honestly say it doesn’t matter to me if I win, because I understand the machinations of the whole thing. It really is just the actor’s branch that nominates you so if you get nominated it means that they like you. Then the nominations go out to the general…whoever the other people are."

Lupin the III! Omg how am i going to cover this? I'm sure i've seen most the tv episodes but have not seen all the movies. Was just thinking back about faves and this popped up. Lupin stars. He is a beguiling and talented thief, full of hijinks and clever to the extreme. He invariably eludes the tenacious Inspector Zenigata yet often succumbs to the wily machinations of Fujiko, a sexy rival whom Lupin fancies. What can I say? Lupin rocks. What kind of collections are out there? I must go…

How would winding up in hell for eternity be a happy ending? I don't believe it, I'm just saying. #atheism Anyone reading the comments below and wondering what is so wrong with religion, please see for a brief overview.