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  • Melissa Oliver

    How to shorten jeans (and be able to lengthen them later) while keeping the original hem.

  • Lois Marks

    Hemming pants... keeping the original hem. Genius!

  • Angel Kirkland

    Hemming jeans using the original hem.

  • Dawn Jaynes

    Altering Jeans: Shorter (with Identical Hem) Pants are always too long for me & my daughter. Love this!!!! :)

  • Roberta Shields Ellis Puhrmann

    I'm sooo short that every pair of jeans are too long. So simple a novice like me can do it!!! - Click image to find more DIY Crafts Pinterest pins

  • Meagan Hill

    For travel size girls ;) How to alter jeans and keep the original hem!

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Repinning this "how to" on hemming jeans so the original hem shows. I tried this and it works GREAT! Two tips for the novice tailor or seamstress: (1) right before you sew the "cuff" in place, remove all pins except the ones holding the cuff in place; and (2) do the length exercise for the first leg only - you can measure the cuff once you have it pinned/sewed for the other leg. Easy!

As a petite (i.e., short) person, I think it's time for me to learn to hem my jeans.

hem jeans and still keep original hem!! This works great!!! Plus, lots of other great redo sewing ideas with lots of pics.

Learn how to hem my jeans. It's nearly impossible to find jeans that fit my 4'11" frame, and I'm pretty sure my son will require hemmed jeans most of his life too. Time to pull out the sewing machine and get to work!

A well-fitting pair of jeans is a find and sometimes they need to be hemmed and this is the right way to do it. Here's how to make your jeans last: www.chiconashoest...

How to Hem Pants with the Original Hem - I can't WAIT to try this on my jeans!

DIY Cut-Off Jeans...with Fabric Hem and Side Knot | via Make It and Love It

How to hem pants while preserving the original hem.

This really works! Feather's Flights {a creative, sewing blog}: Pinch Hem: A Hem That Looks Like The Original