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Another pretty centerpiece idea: Lavender and white flowers ,inside a rustic white pot

"But love is blind, and lovers cannot see.. The pretty follies that themselves commit." ~William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

One shrub can produce baskets of lilacs......I just bought one I'm hoping this is true...

The nature of quanutm entanglement suggests there are no dogs at home barking and getting into trouble as long as I do not observe/WORRY! about no fear, right? :)

Chair Planter . I have done this but not with such a sturdy chair.

OLD CHAIR - staple a piece of vinyl screen to the chair (make sure the screen dips down inside the chair so it can hold a good amount of soil), fill with plants and soil.

lavender is also a good bug repellant put fresh lavendar rubbed on pulse points deters those pesky mosqitos

Carolyne Roehm's beautiful floral arrangements and tips on decorating with flowers

Flowering Chair - Go to Bargain Center in Eau Claire to get great deals on furniture that you can make your own and redecorate with

MINIATURE ART CHAIR by urbangipsy , maker of things, watcher of all via Etsy.