Elder sister, Siberia, 1979 by Vladimir Sokolaev


Lee Jeffries worked as a sports photographer before having a chance encounter one day with a young homeless girl on a London street. After stealthily photographing the girl huddled in her sleeping bag, Jeffries decided to approach and talk with her rather than disappear with the photograph. That day changed his perception about the homeless...

Konrad Hoffmeister - Berlin, 1958 inspired Billy Wilder (with Marilyn Monroe in the subway scene of 'Seven Year Itch')


Terence Spencer - London, 1970

New Orleans, Louisiana. 1972 by George W. Gardner

War | Steve McCurry

Child Soldiers - Steve McCurry http://stevemccurry.com/galleries/child-soldiers?view=grid

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NY - Helen Levitt, 1942

André Kertész: The blind musician. Abony, Hungary, 1921. Look at the expression of his face. It was absolutely fantastic. If he had been born in Berlin, London or Paris, he might have become a first-rate musician.”

Richard Kalvar - Kids smoking at a canal, Amsterdam, 1966. °. Youth in revolt.


Rosie Hardy photograph

All Creatures Great and Small | Steve McCurry

Steve Mccurry #photography

Alfred Eisenstaedt, Les Halles, Paris

Horace Warner’s intimate portraits of London’s poorest children in the early 1900s / London