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It's the worst feeling in the world knowing your best friend isn't best friends with you anymore..

This type of girl will set your house on fire for lingering at a bridge tollbooth too long. Clearly, you were "flirting" / probably having an affair with the female booth attendant.

for the love! so true. get over its people.

I used to know you before you tried to become something your not.. Your just fake. It sad to watch you do all these things to get people to like you. When it comes down to it in the end your still the same person you have been. Just a sad person.

True Friends <3

Still equals $1... Sooo umm no.

Sometimes, you have to give up on people... quote | For MORE quotes follow http://www.pinterest.com/happygolicky/inspirational-quotes-words-of-wisdom-positive-thou/

It's not always a matter of deserving. People don't always have to better than one another. Sometimes it's just a matter of there needing to be nothing--no relations, no communication, no relationship✋



I hope you're the one.



words to live by

need to do this...


A quote for letting go and moving on