• Alyssa Miller

    Just me and my pet baby. This warmed my heart.

  • Vanessa Aguilar

    Omg cutest thing ever! Love big dogs!

  • Courtney-Raye Kelley

    Babies and big dogs. All kids need a pet

  • Ha Jung Nolte

    Love big dogs! Thats gonna be my baby's bestfriend, too.

  • Mary M-Bakely

    Big dogs, gentle giants

  • S

    HOW CUTE IS THIS GENTLE GIANT This was how my mom's great dane was w/ me as a baby ... and it will be how my (future) dog will act w/ my (future) babies!

  • Carol Held

    best friends! Don't forget to also check out our website at treatsunleashed.com #buffalony #pets #petsupplies #newyorkpetsupplies #buffalonypetsupply #animals #NY #dogs #babies #kids #family

  • Kayla Kristen

    Careful! But so sweet! Pets bring children so much joy, laughter, teach them to care about others, and can teach them responsability too!

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