Suri Tribe Woman With An Enlarged Lip, Kibish, Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

mursi woman. Talk about your gauges!

Fulani woman, Benin Africa

Different cultures

cultural phenomenon when products of modern (western oriented) culture become a part of tradition (used as replacement or luxury) #Bottlecaps

weighted earlobes.

Gorgeous portrait. Women of the world, beauty, eyes, hand, henna tattoo culture, portrait, photo

Girl from Kalash, Pakistan, with facial tattoos. According to legend, the Kalash are the decedents of Alexander the Great's army. Present day Pakistan turned out to be the last frontier of Alexander's Army. Women of the Kalash have the most rights of any indigenous group/tribe else where in the world.


Mursi woman - Ethiopia by Carlos Cass

Ethiopia. Mursi woman


Ethiopian child. Look at the wonder in those eyes!

tribal face painting

what a great face!


Afar woman


Africa | Young Surma woman with big earplugs, Omo Valley, Ethiopia