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Bouncing Eyeballs - fun at the 2014 Young Opticians (Eye)Ball. Inside one of them was a $50 note but they could not be burst deliberately. A test of stamina and mental agility.

Photographer Charles Freger has traveled through 19 European nations to gather pictures of impressive costumes from pagan rituals that have survived to this day. The series, entitled “Wilder Mann,” inspires images of an older, wilder and more tribal Europe filled with wild beasts, bonfires and pagan gods.

Dear animal faces. As an obscene lover of paper mache and animal heads, this one is my on list of top tens.

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50 Unexplainable Black & White Photos

Not entirely sure what that mask is of. The ears are odd; I'm thinking ass. Ass as in donkey, of course.

.Le joli monde de Denis ZIlber