Navigating Without a Compass - also explains how to with a Digital Watch

SKIVVY ROLL. It’s a way of neatly folding your socks, underwear and t-shirt into a nice compact bundle. Folded this way, these items are easy to pack and easy to find and pack down into a surprising small little bundle.

Using watch and sun as compass

MEN'S ESSENTIALS : Your cell phone’s dead, and you have to get somewhere in an unfamiliar place? As long as you know which direction you need to head, your watch will point you the way. --- FOLLOW US ON PINTEREST for Style Tips, our current SALES, men's Wardrobe essentials etc... ~ VujuWear

Split upper/lower compartments. Top compartment contains 9V battery, magnesium fire starter, ferro rod w/striker, and steel wool (kept separated from the battery, obviously) Lower compartment contains matches, emery board strikers, cardboard pieces, dryer lint, cut ends from matches (to fit in the case), 3 smaller ferro rods, 2 mirrors, and pencil shavings. Two items not shown are a disposable cigarette lighter and a pencil sharpener.

Estimate Remaining Daylight in the Day.

Survival Gear: How To Make A Compass | Outdoor Life Survival

Sharpen your blade- it never ceases to amaze me how many people don't know how to do this!

Wine Cork Fire Starters and other cork ideas; soak corks in alcohol for use as a fire starter .

Collapsable Stainless Steel Travel Cups - good for travel, gifts, camping / backpacking, and more!

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Broken gear and a skinny wallet? No worries! This article by Backpacker Magazine is full of easy gear repair tips that will have you boatloads of money!

Navigating without a compass - 3 part series

Cut the Cable! Build your Own Digital TV Antenna by Popular Mechanics #Digital_TV #Antenna

Wilderness Survival Skills - navigation, orientation and getting lost

How To Use A Compass

The Garmin Rino 655t GPS/2-way radio is a GPS with TOPO maps, FRS/GMRS radio, altimeter, compass, weather radio and digital camera. #REIGifts

Written by Craig Caudill | 4 Steps For Determining Direction With Your Watch //


Filter water for survival, I would use 2liter instead