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tree house by the river - Reagan & Wyatt would never sleep in the house if they had this! Awesome!!! I'm thinking....

Ribbon House / G2 Estudio

Guest House / SMNG-A Architects

Let's be honest, there can be no place cooler to live, work, play, dream, sing, dance, eat, read than a treehouse. Ever. EVER.

To live in the trees, now that would be magical. - Black Eiffel

Judging from the size of my trees, this may need to be built for the birds. I think it's absolutely magical.

The best tree house you will ever see…

Classic House via La Dolce Vita | Polished Nickel Bed

I'm thinking, "...The Father-In-Law lives here now. He likes to do projects. He wants his grandchildren to be happy. So ... he'll be all about this, right?"