Colonial American "art Project" ideas

Great way to help kids see the purpose behind the learning! Goals in Sight By: All for the Love of Teaching

Colonial american art project - art teacher blogs are great!

Students use Strip Designer app to create a comic strip to showcase the key people, philosophies, and terms of the Enlightenment and Age of Reason @Mrs. Fiske

Colonial American Arts & Crafts Lessons

Education World: Back in the Day: Lessons from Colonial Classrooms

Cool art project!

My 8th graders loved this kind of stuff when I was student teaching.

Portrait project for 3rd grade?

awesome art project

American Heroes! Art and Reading!

Great interactive music games. Click on the "Kids Make Music Online" link to be directed to the page.

Native American Crafts: Tlingit and Haida Art. Paper Piecing art project for kids

American Revolution ABCs

A great lesson that teaches Mexican and South American cultures: marker and paper Mola art project.

Great beginning of the year art lesson with tie in to idioms (poke your nose), personal narrative (getting to know you), and art.

Books, web links, and project ideas for studying the 13 Colonies

Fairy Tale Castles Art Project

Art Projects for Kids: New Pop Art Landscape Tutorial. Love!

state stamp art project