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"Willadelphia"—John Combs. This is an attempt to create mixes of old and new. The old: With this design, I envisioned Yards Brewery's existence back in William Penn's heyday. The setting is Mr. Penn in front of city hall with a beer in hand, standing beside a keg of Yards. The new: Adding to the historical background the tap portrays, I also wanted to give it a somewhat raw look. Stacked, unpolished metal and wood was used to pay homage to Philadelphia's image as a tough, blue collar city.

"Honoring Traditional Crafts Using Repurposed Materials"—Matthew Palombaro. At the core of Yards are traditional hand-crafted beers created with an environmental conscience. Red Oak was sourced from logs placed beside a "Free Firewood" sign. The copper at the base is salvaged drain pipe. The barrel shape is a nod to the traditional craft. The form and copper ferule is that of a hand tool; giving the sense of hand craft while providing an ergonomic shape that invites the end- user to grasp…

"The Yards Bottle Tap" – Chris Dietrich. How do customers recognize Yards Beer in a poorly lit bar? This design mimics the strengths of the Yards brand in the commercial bottle market and extends that recognition to the draft point-of-purchase moment With prominent 360° Yards branding and a flavor label on the customer AND pourer sides, this universal tap retains the core brand across all flavors. Top-mounted figures emphasize the iconic styles and add unique character to the Yards product…

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