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    Great book to read about Chester the Pig and teaching continents!

    FREE Color the Continents

    teaching continents and oceans project with a freebie

    7 Continents Song and YouTube video

    This blog contains ideas for teaching map skills, globes, continents, and oceans. Along with this knowledge, students can also learn how to locate their relative location based on the activities. These activities could be used as a reinforcement activity and independent practice.


    GEOGRAPHY: The 7 Continents Coloring Pages

    These are continents in a box. I love the idea that children can explore the continent (looking through pictures of places, animals, people, etc).

    Learning about the seven continents for kids. Books, projects and map resources for hands-on learning.

    Having all these terms organized together along with easy-to-understand pictures could be really helpful when teaching about landforms!

    Fun way to review landforms.

    Teaching geography? Make Pumpkin Globes! - Tape down the continents and paint the pumpkin blue. The next day, remove the continents and color them in green with marker. Put two rubber bands around the pumpkin to represent the equator and voila, Pumpkin Globe!

    Learning Continents: Interactive site where student drags continent name to area on map. This site is a fun way for students to learn the seven continents. It will be good for a classroom with a Smartboard.

    for teaching needs and wants

    Mrs. T's First Grade Class: The Continents

    1st grade geography lesson to teach the continents and oceans in September for the Passport Club. www.passportclubo...

    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade: Continents and Oceans Song

    Using "Olivia" to teach realism/fantasy. Students write: Olivia can ________, but a real pig can not. (compare/contrast)

    Continent Boxes