• Jennifer Barrera

    Paint empty soup cans bright summer colors, poke holes, and add a candle inside for an inexpensive lighting option. Great idea!!

  • Margie TheMad

    Painted Cans~ paint empty soup cans bright summer colors, poke holes, and add a candle inside for an inexpensive lighting option... {+4 other inexpensive options for summertime outdoor lighting}.

  • Aunna Johnson

    Painted Tin Can Lights - freeze cans before drilling. I think it would be easier to use a paint sprayer. Use your wedding colors. Maybe, if using big paint cans- put a bunch of string lights in one can, if using soup cans- 1 bulb in each can. Could line the isle with them.

  • Becki Baker

    Perfect summertime candle holders. Paint soup cans bright colors and punch holes. awesome!

  • Ann Martens

    Paint empty soup cans with bright colors, poke holes, and add a candle inside for simple outdoor lighting.

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