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    Crystals & Stones for Childbirth, Postpartum & Beyond

    Cut the bottoms off of two Coke bottles. Glue zipper inside. Instant kids' snack container.

    Labor Positions: Pros and cons of 11 different positions

    CT scan showing a full-term fetus in the abdomen of a 25 year old pregnant woman, side view. © Scott Camazine / Phototake

    Labour & Birth: Labouring on your back is only easier for one person! This position came about during the 20th century as it was much easier for Doctors to control Birth! Giving birth on your back: Labour Lasts Longer, Increases the Chance of Medical Interventions, Does Not allow Gravity to assist, Reduce the size of your Pelvic Opening, Increases chance of tearing, Strong and healthy women can hold better suited birthing positions for much longer than women who are unfit. #Pregnancyexercise

    The School of Obstetrics, Palazzo Poggi, via Flickr.

    Blog post at Fun Cheap or Free : Baby Daivy has ARRIVED! If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I had lots of prep to do before she came (as explained in this pic[..]

    gentle discipline

    Truth. Being able to listen to yourself and follow your intuition is lacking in our modern society. We need to listen to ourselves more.

    Scientific overview of the Breast Crawl This is Awesome!

    Help kids change their behavior by empowering them-- try this one phrase!

    We’re basically going on the assumption that most of us have disturbed gut flora, and hoping for better for our children. Thankfully, that’s possible, because research shows that neonatal gut flora is largely influenced by environment, not genetics!

    Wild breastfeeding photos reveal natural beauty | BabyCenter Blog

    "Mamas. Those final weeks are actually critical for your babies, and they should not be rushed."

    Keg Stand!

    #Infographic - Educated midwives can make the difference between life and death for women and newborns. #ICMLive

    Eats On Feets is a grass roots organization that supports peer to peer milk sharing. Their document "The 4 Pillars of Safe Breastmilk Sharing" is a must read for anyone considering donating or receiving milk from a peer (family, friend, stranger).

    babyloss art


    miscarriage grief and 7 other grief comics

    10 things not to say to a grieving mother. Actually, "I know how you feel" was very helpful. Other mothers saying "me too" has helped buoy me up.

    Bengkung Belly Binding | Mother NaturAle

    Here's why squatting should be in your "birth plan" :)

    During crowning it’s good for the laboring mother to stop adding additional force to her body’s own urge to push. Instead she should breathe out her baby and allow her body to do the work on its own. (This is something she has already practiced in birth during the transitional stage mentioned above.)

    "People whose partners have recently miscarried often feel invisible and unable to talk about their own feelings of loss, according to a new study."