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Happy Pinning everyone! Thanks to everyone who repins from me and also who follow me, I appreciate you all.

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Sometimes I may only feel thankful that I simply had some experience in the past that was positive, because I may have a hard time finding things today. But as long as I remember that even then I am thankful, I can simply be thankful for that :) This week, every morning when I wake up I will pray and find at least one thing I am thankful for and maybe that one week can turn into a lifetime.

Favorite! I always say, there is no luck in life. No luck, if you believe in God.


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really small gang @Donna - Funky Junk Interiors

its always full, half of water and half of air.

I'm a hoarder!

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i like my name, but this is so true!


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@Chelsea Huang...anytime we ever complain, let's think this! haha. I'm going to make this a daily reminder to myself.

pinterest ... I love you!