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    Boy From Treasure Island by John R Neill, 1914

  • Harumi Sakae

    Boy From Treasure Island, 1914. John Rea Neill (1877-1943), a magazine and children’s book illustrator. John Rea Neill reigned as the Royal Illustrator of Oz for forty years - 1904 to 1944. In that time he illustrated 39 of the 40 Oz books most scholars accept as the “canonical set.” His imaginative and finely crafted pen and ink drawings impressed a vivid image of the fairyland of Oz on generations of Americans.

  • Thea Theodosia

    OHN R. NEIL - "Boy From TreasureIsland" - (1914)

  • Don Salm

    Reading and Books in Art: John R Neill’s illustration for Boy from Treasure Island, 1914

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John R Neill’s illustration for Boy From Treasure Island, 1914