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luxuriously painting toenails

Tip for when you have a portrait taken jcpenney: Don't forget your feet for a portrait! Make sure your shoes and pedicure are picture-perfect!

Pretty Painted Toenails... Give the girl a coupon for a free toenail painting session by none other than YOU! She will love you forever.

Plaid Toenail -- These plaid toenails are so Burberry Nova Check! So adorable.

Aah, soaking your toesies in daisy water after a day of trying every shoe in the world on.................

Time to feel less guilty about buying that Chanel nail polish. How could I resist buying the color Vamp?

From Cosmo, apparently. I ought to do this with Ada-bug: she has one black toenail, too. :)

Spoil yourself :) for the first time EVER in my life I am spoiling myself instead of them and everyone has a problem with it! Well that is your problem, not mine! I was the kid you had to force to make a Christmas list.

freshly painted toes. bright colors preferred.