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Signs you've found your soulmate #relationships

eep! so cute!

Puppy Pool Party!


Super cute Bunny Butt Cookies - what a fun idea to do with the kids! #PillsburyEaster

Thick as Thieves - BFF Necklace

True love is seen through the eyes

Nayyirah Waheed. Like everything I've ever lost come back to me.

lol laughing so hard

So true

This is a happy life.

Frozen the first Disney movie to show how a girl really looks when she wakes up

favorite olaf moments..

45 Fierce Songs For Single Ladies Everywhere. I hate some of these songs, but some of them are absolute GOLD.

Think for #yourself. Trust your own #instinct. Another #mind isn't walking your #journey, you are.~ #quote

That awkward moment when the cow is prettier than you.....

Tip toe if you must...

Georgia O'Keefe Quote via Etsy.

25 Things You Should Tell Your Best Friend Right Now


So very me, and I can't stand habitual liars & people who use you while claiming they'd never do such a thing.

Stinking cute!

Back when I was spoiled, I had the vast majority of all these toys. So many memories.

I love this! Never thought of it this way... Fantastic idea for a tiny tattoo! xxxx ♥