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Rainbow colers - Regenboog kleuren

Feng Shui en Español: El Poder del Color Rojo

Periegese on Flickr love the colors and how some of the bottles appear to be floating.

Feng Shui en Español: Conoce el Color de la Salud, Riqueza y Crecimiento

Color Gamps - One of the joys of weaving is how color interacts in the cloth. When weft crosses the warp, it changes the apparent color of the warp, sometimes quite dramatically.

#INFOGRAPHIC: A room-by-room guide to feng shui your home

Feng Shui en Español: El Poder del Color Púrpura Brinda Mayor Éxito, Amor y Riqueza

Feng Shui en Español: La Riqueza del Color Azul

www.cooperativefo... The textiles in Guatemala are amazing!!! Have you been?

FENG SHUI FOR YOUR FOYER Feng shui is the art of creating environments that act to enhance our lives. Homes have an important impact on our prosperity, health, relationships and success. Your entryway sets the tone as the first space experienced in a house. It directs all energy coming in. ROBIN'S TOP 6 TIPS TO ZEN OUT YOUR ENTRYWAY

Feng Shui is a time-honored, Chinese aesthetic healing tradition whose practitioners seek to achieve harmony & balance in clients' lives by properly arranging their homes and business environments. Though ancient, the practical philosophy of Feng Shui remains current today and pulls greatly from what we would term "green" or "eco-friendly" ideals by seeking effective design solutions that encourage holistic coexistence with nature.

I chose this infoposter because I like its unique look at color and how it effects our mood. I also enjoyed its layout with the colors of rooms in a house and their effects, as well as the color charts below. it gives the infoposter good balance and use of color and direction.