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Lol oh Ben


gee thanks, Ben

Classy Benny

Ben behaves in public (not always).

Can you even imagine being on the street and seeing Ben come walking out, wrapped in a sheet?

Benedict Cumberbatch, setlock, 8/21/2013, London. Twisted Benny!

(on Benedict Cumberbatch) "Ben’s been generous about how, when he first met me, he thought, ‘This is going to work.’ He was very pro my doing it, and I felt the same. For whatever reason, it kind of worked immediately between us. Whatever we bring that complements each other, whatever differences and similarities we have, they do work." -Martin Freeman

This was just perfect <3

This wasn't in the job description!

Moriarty. Anybody notice he has TWO shadows???

BC: still sexy<< Always sexy. I'm laughing so hard at this because he looks so suprised and imagine the person who took this like, "Hang on, is that Benedict Cumberbatch?" "Oh shit it IS Benedict Cumberbatch!" *smacks person next to them* HOLD MA BAGS THAT'S BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH


In case you weren't aware our baby Ben C is engaged to the lovely Sophie Hunter!! (This has been confirmed by his publicists too so it's definitely a legit thing and I couldn't be happier for him!!)

Benedict Cumberbatch Accents

W- I was in the war Sherlock! I killed people! S- You were a doctor! W- I had bad days!

The strongest force in the world isn't love, it's hiatus.

Definitely read it in his voice

Sherlock and John :)