"Alabama, Arkansas. I do love my ma and pa But not the way that i do love you." Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. "Home" Favorite Song!!!

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This is officially one of my favorite quotes on this board simply because it's so true :)

aww :)

Raymond actually said this to me one day when agonizing over our over full cluttered house. its true though. Excuse the Mess Home Quote Wall Art

Never thought it would have turned into this...Thanks Husband for coming into my life when I least expected it.

So so true. Love you Neill xx

This would be a lot of fun to do! His banner over me is love.

For something that is so important in our lives, it’s surprising how often love gets clichéd treatment in songs, books, movies and more. You can avoid these clichés and write about romance in a way that feels real using the tips below. Avoid clichés The first step in avoiding clichés is to recognise them, and …

we do too!


I am so blessed to have a family that loves me unconditionally and that I can come back to a home.

I love you, Chuck!

I really honest to god was :) I thought it to good to be true with the situation we were in. Now we have a family and a home and we're growing together ♥

Pablo Neruda <3 writes the passionate (albeit a little violent now and then) and aggressive poetry about love that rings so true to me...love shouldn't be like plain white rice, it should pop and sizzle and spark!