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  • Estefania Puente

    Not a pit bull what?! :( But who doesnt want a big cat! :D

  • Karen Myers

    Ummm... Backwards? While I have mixed views on pit bulls, I totally think NO one should be able to own something like a tiger, they are wild animals and cannot be fully tamed.

  • Nicky Galván

    Crazy! Humans right?

  • Jayson

    Pit bulls don't deserve to be banned😔 ~T🐭 #pitbull #puppys #pitbulls #puppies #dog #dogs #doglove #puppy #puppylove #pitbullquotes #tigers #tigerquotes #ilovedogs #iloveanimals #ilovepuppies #ilovepitbulls #followme #followus #followfordogs #followforanimals #likeourpics #like4like #facts #quotes #Padgram

  • Katie Daily

    Love Pitt Bulls!

  • Patty Miranda

    From USDA "From a federal standpoint in the United States, the USDA lays down the laws for exotic cats. Many states and individual counties require a USDA license to own a exotic feline." from Miami Animal control "it is illegal or possess any American Bull Terrier in Miami-Dale county"

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Pit bulls... must be defended from bad press that was created by cruel people, using these dogs for financial gain. Please love a Pitty!

:: Myths About Pitbulls :: Our LabStaff was such an angel - I would have her mix again if I could. Am definitely considering a rescue pitbull... one's at the county no-kill shelter now, though I find it difficult to look at her cropped ears.

Staffy Squad ~ They wear their sunglasses at night ~ @April Cochran-Smith Cochran-Smith Wright this is fred at night

Pit Bulls...the "where I'll end up" makes me so sad and at the same time the "what I think I do" cracks me up and the "what I actually do" is oh so true...LOVE my pit bull!!

I am a Pit Bull: served in WW1, service dog, canine good citizen, hero, narcotics dog, agility champion, therapy dog

"I’m just a soul whose intentions are good." thought i share their good intentions with a few more people

People just hate pitt bulls because they are raised in the wrong fashion. If you raise them like a normal dog instead of a fighting menace, they are actually quite adorable :) and I will have one someday!

Pit Bulls? Dangerous? Not as dangerous as I will be if you continue to talk out of your ignorantly informed ass.