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    • Micaela Marez

      While I absolutely love both of these shows, I think FRIENDS is definitely better than How I Met Your Mother, however I do love these comparisons, especially the last one, since Chandler and Marshall are two of my favorite tv characters :) Where's Phebe? She's like Patrice!

    • Areal Stoulil

      Friends vs. How I met your mother... SO TRUE. No wonder they tie for my favorite shows of all time! lol its so true!

    • Kaitlyn Browne

      Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother... MIND BLOWN. There is one major difference. HIMYM is funny

    • Laura Wauford

      Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother--> so so so true!!! I'm laughing out loud!

    • Megan DeMartino

      Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother. Two of my favorite shows, and so true!

    • Anna Marie

      My two favorite shows. Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother... MIND BLOWN.

    • Lily Hitelman

      Friends vs How I met your mother SO TRUE. my two favorite shows

    • Stephanie Rivera

      Friends vs. How I Met Your Mother... MIND BLOWN. So true!!!

    • Samantha Barr

      So true!! #friends #HIMYM

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    How I Met Your Mother

    lmao! love this. How I met your mother :)


    Favorite show ever!

    "have I known him way too long or did that just make sense?"

    Mind = BLOWN!

    :) HIMYM

    love this show. This is one of my favorite episodes :)

    My favorite show of all time F.R.I.E.N.D.S

    my favorite episode EVER

    makes sense

    she's my favorite

    The mother's favorite kind of vacation...

    Doesn't get more true than that!

    by far my favorite scene of the entire FRIENDS series. hahaha

    "Hi, I'm Chandler. Could I BE wearing any more clothes?" Favorite episode!!!!

    ..F.R.I.E.N.D.S. remembering their lines on Ellen. these are great!!!

    true blood!