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  • karen hauler-davies

    diy shirt get the weaving pattern to turn a basic long or short sleeve tshirt into a couture item in line with the aw2014 textured , layered chunky and edgy asymmetric and scandi styles easy to do alice and looks fab over a pnafore or vintage tea dress or skirt or with cool vintage cut jeans

  • Vanessa Oldhaver

    cut and weave the back of a shirt - cool idea for an old sweater!

  • Vanessa Nawash

    Weaving old t shirts. Such a good idea!

  • Hannah Bijoux

    Such a cute idea (although it's probably too hard for my inferior crafting abilities).

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立夏之竹工(下篇)| 大多的竹编工艺只能手工编织完成,竹编的方法多种多样,基本可分为四边编法、六边编法、八边编法、弧形编法、网状编法、绳结编法等等,甚者有编织出文字、立体编织、混色编织法,若几种编法交织使用,更可用“吾编无尽”来形容。

Tshirt Cutting DIY, tons of tutorials on YouTube. I make all of my own tshirts for concerts and fun weekend events now! No worries if your favorite band doesnt make cute girls shirts... buy the mens shirt and cut it up! Make it unique and totally a one of a kind. Celine- i just did this in 5 minutes.

Weaving bohemian boho art style textile

Blog | Karen Barbé | Textileria: Creative mending – Part 2: Patches So awesome, weave small patches by hand without a loom.

weaving a natural grass rug. - could I just leave it as an earth installation and anyone can add to it?

folk art free charts cross stitch - maybe can be converted to loom beading designs?

CraftSanity Magazine Issue 6 Print Edition by CraftSanity on Etsy, $12.00

Weaving patterns of shirting fabrics. The weave of the fabric can influence the style or drape of garment.

Why have one pattern when you can have more? Beautiful, colorful patterns complete with fringe!

WEAVING: Yes! Up a hill in one of the parks was a cabin where several floor looms just like this were set up. My mom arranged for Kath and me to take lessons. I LOVED it! Wish oh wish I still had something I had done. It was a fabulous experience for a child who loved colors, patterns, creating things, and was not good at sports or such, but excelled at this. Wish I could go back....

make cardboard looms and show little kids how to weave and you will be amazed by what they can make