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Abnormal Language--free course from MIT Open Courseware

Free Education: MIT Open Courseware - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - undergraduate & graduate classes - FREE

MIT Open Courseware - Intro to Psychology. Free audio Lectures, notes, and assignments

Introduction to Solid State Chemistry, from MIT Open Courseware

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e-learning for Kids offers schools free and unlimited use of their courseware and access up-to-date content on children and learning. e-Learning for Kids provides a fun place to help your students build and strengthen skills in math, science, reading, computers and keyboarding. The programs are designed for kindergarten through sixth graders.

Free Forensic Science units for middle and high school. I think this would be fun since I often tell the boys about what I used to do before they were born.

15 Great Free educational apps to help with math, reading, science, geography & more!

Free Forensic Science Units - Check out these free forensic science units at Forensics in the Classroom. This free forensic science curriculum was developed for use with middle school and high school students.

ACADEMIC EARTH: free open courseware

Homeschooling Adventurez: Frugal Family - FREE Forensic Science studies & Awesome Science deals for homeschool

Over 3,000 Free Educational Videos from Khan Academy

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A free website to teach forensic science, Rookie training and two cases to solve ...see "fun stuff" tab also.

MIT Open Courseware -Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience - This course uses neuroscience methods to study the cognitive development of human infants and children. Case studies draw from research on face recognition, language, executive function, representations of objects, number and theory of mind.

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MIT Open Courseware - Advanced Kitchen Chemistry - Free

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