A mongolian hunter on a horse with a golden eagle.....not an everyday sight!

Absolutely Breathtaking.! Mi'kmaq Warrior and Dancer ~ Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Kazak eagle hunter, western Mongolia.

Tibetan man- wish I could find the source for this, ugh.


Mongolian Eagle Hunter

Kid and Yak calf in Mongolia.



Golden Eagle Nomads, Nomad Princess from Global Home

It's crazy to realize how many different people there are in the world.

Ranakpur region, Rajastan, India

Beautiful, graceful woman in Burkina Faso

Masai warrior in Africa. Photo by Mario Moreno.

Africa| Tuareg man from Libya | ©Nazeeh Mag


Hamar, Ethiopia



Striking photographs by John Delaney seek to document the vanishing Kazakh Nomads of Mongolia. Known also as Golden Eagle Riders for taming majestic eagles with over 7 foot wingspans, the Kazakh's nomadic way of life is in danger of being eradicated.

Photographer : Jimmy Nelson (Kazakhs, nomadic people of western Mongolia)