Gypsy Vanner

Dapple Gypsy Vanner

Beautiful Gypsy

Beautiful Gypsy Vanner horse

Gypsy Vanner horse - is a breed that originated as a caravan horse for the Romanichai people of the British Isles to pull vardoes in which they lived

colorful pictures of draught horses | Gypsy Vanner Horse Stallions

Misha - Russian Heavy Draft, Lovely :) well I meed a draft horse for my billion dollar farm!

The majestic Shire

tri-colored Gypsy Vanner stallion_ Dazzling Bobby

silver dapple

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Beautiful horse

Gypsy Vanner ️

Spirit! The horse from that one movie...

What gorgeous coloring! #horse

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Akhal-teke breed famous for a golden shimmer on their coat.

Gypsy Vanner Horse

Horse Art - Love it!!

Gypsy Vanner