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    • Mariann Waguespack

      . how to focus in the age of distraction . This is here as a reminder to help me focus and, by extention, be more creative. Because most of my work happens on a computer, and sometimes on social media sites, some of these won't work but there are otherwise some great ideas here.

    • Hannah Mische Beisang

      Fun, colorful Mind Map reminds us what we all know but often fail to practice-- HOW TO FOCUS IN THE AGE OF DISTRACTION -- by @JaneGenovese for @Shaun Tenney publication @NTENChange (NonProfit Technology Network) ~~ Illustrates how to stay focused when necessary, how to refresh with tech breaks, and how to prioritize, reflect and review. #mindmap #infographic #how_to #illustration

    • Suzanna Kaye Home Organizer

      How to focus in the age of distraction. One of my favorite mind maps created by Jane Genovese. Repinned by Suzanna Kaye of A Space That Works Organizing

    • Robin Miles

      Focus mind map - how to stay focused in the age of distraction. Hat tip to for the awesome find! And kudos!

    • Jennifer Pollard

      ADHD Focus mind map - how to stay focused in the age of distraction. WOW - this mind map is incredible!!! Every branch on the map has an amazing tip you can implement right away. Hat tip to for the awesome find! And kudos!

    • Donate

      How to Focus in the Age of Distraction A lot of good points in this infographic, like: work in focused bursts, take a shower in the morning...

    • No B.S. University -

      A handy infographic that provides suggestions and ideas of how to stay focused “in an age of distraction.” - No B.S. University

    • Thriving-Lily

      How to Focus in the Age of Distraction Mind Map - "Create rituals and habits, Learn how to work, Managing your space, Take a technology break, Take time to reflect and review..." (View only)

    • Paola Sibani

      Work - Life - balance - How to Focus in the Age of Distraction - Incredible Mindmap

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