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Could be a neat bulletin board idea for spring ... "Come see how we're blossoming in second grade"

Perfect Post Perfect Post Types for Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus Pinterest | Infographic Digital and Social Media Marketing Agency Cloud 21 PR -

Create a #blog #content #editorial #calendar to bring discipline to your content, assuring that it’s balanced. You want something there for all of your readers, but you want it to be proportional.  If you have 100 ice cream lovers, and 10 like vanilla while 90 like chocolate, you can plan in advance to post 10% of the time about vanilla and 90% about chocolate. You can also plan to create some longer posts; some short ones.  This avoids #blogger burn-out and reader fatigue.

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Impact of Images on Social Media

Impact of Images on Social Media - social media marketing, #socialmediamarketing

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5 Killer Strategies To Dominate Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

5 Strategies to Dominate Facebook, Twitter & YouTube - TheUltraLinx - Pinned 8/1/12

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Social Media Marketing for Startups

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Infographic Social media marketing for #startups.

Cool drawing idea- drawing random shapes and colors coming out of someones head as if they were thoughts

I will be teaching a 2-day antique mirror & glass workshop at the August Faux Retreat. Join me, Sheri Zeman and Regina Garay for a week of learning and sharing in a beautiful location. Promise your head won't explode but it WILL be filled with creative ideas for your business!

Now be silent. Let the One who creates the words speak. He made the door. He made the lock. He also made the key. ~ Rumi ~