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Quick ideas for PLAYING with your kids. Simple fun when you're out of ideas and all are bored. Fantastic list of ideas!

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20 simple mom & son date ideas // don't miss out on these young years!

Paint in ziplock bags, taped to table. Great distraction, no mess!

30 Day Mom Challenge. Mom's Ultimate To-Do List. "For each day of the month, find the corresponding number and follow the tip.So, if you begin the challenge on November 9; start with tip 9 and move on from there.You can repeat the list every month!"

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When should you start talking to your kids about sex? And what do you tell them? We live in a different world than that of our parents and it is SO important to start at a young age. LOVED this article. Highly recommend reading it! ♥

Supermommy!...or not.: 30 Random Acts of Kindness To Do With Your Kids

100 Days of Play Challenge! For 100 days, commit to connecting with your children ~ in their world! Let the housework sit untouched for 5... 10... 20 minutes, get away from the stress of the world, get on the floor and give the gift of your time to your children. 100 blogs from around the world and across the web are sharing 100 fun ways to play with your kids. Nothing required that you wouldn't already have in your home.

Lots of cool, creative activities to do with kids! www.rookiemoms.com

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101 activities.....lots of fun ideas!

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So you've assigned chores, but it's still not working for your family. The kids fight, the work is lousy and mom is tired. I get it. You're not alone. I found this secret to getting your kids to do their chores well and I promise you're gonna love it! FREE editable printables!

Looking for some fun ideas for your kids to do? A way for them to enjoy fresh air and new adventures? (and take a break from the electronics). Me too! So here are 50 Fun Things for Kids to Do

Chore charts! I like this idea for when my kids get older.

For those days when homework is to much

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