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Is it weird that with seeing so much stuff about David Tennant I am slowly falling in love with David Tennant

pinner says: OMG, I know Timothy Dalton played Rassilon and I now know he played James Bond, and I know that James Bond is one character who has been played by several different actors, and I'm pretty sure I've heard jokes about James Bond being a Time Lord, but omg, I never put all the pieces together like this! It makes perfect sense. :)

Thank you for justifying my book thing David and my slightly less (this doesn't cheapen it!) film and TV thing... and other thing things :D

I would figure out how to get inside and then live in it. The pizza guy might look at me a little funny, but we can figure that out as we go...

Give the Doctor a hand- OMG the five minutes from the christmas special!!!

How long would it take to watch all Doctor Who shows --- A friend asked me the other day if he should start watching the series from the very beginning and that he'd probably have all summer to watch... I honestly don't feel like doing the math in my head, but this should last quite a bit longer than three months

Literally the best thing I have seen with Matt Smith as the Doctor. Except in reality he would probably join in dancing and making noises.

So he does... because he's been messing with them all this time. He goes to museums because it's how he "keeps score"

Sherlock and Doctor Who : a meet cute just waiting to happen...are you listening moffet?? < if he is, everything will die while simultaneously falling off various buildings