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  • Kari Davis

    (15) Premature Babies & Beyond #preemie #nicu

  • Dustie Streavel

    Blog of a Wife, Nurse & Twin Mom: Neonatal Nursing. Makes me miss NICU!!

  • Michelle Critchfield

    NICU nursing -aww love my little preemies:

  • Eva Griffin

    Become a neonatal nurse: My future job:)

  • Michelle Johnson

    I've decided I'm going to go back to school to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. Continuing to thank God daily for my 2lb 5oz miracle, and all the Neonatoloigsts and NICU nurses and staff who have a special place in my heart!

  • Kendall Buchanan

    NICU nursing - My dream job <3

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~ tender nursing care ~ (don't know how nurses do it; so admire those that can nurse these tiny little ones)

there is nothing i want more in this world that to be a nicu rn. one day my dream will come true!

You know you're a NICU nurse/RT when 1. You've eaten hamburger patties bigger than most of your patients. 2. You define colors by the color of stool you've seen - ex. baby poop green/yellow. 3. You don't understand why talking about sticking a needle in a baby's head is making other people at the dinner table ill. 4. At one time or another you've had breast milk, poop, or urine on your work clothes. 5. You have affectionately called a patient Cletus the fetus, wimpy white boy, troll, or F...

when I'm at work as an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner - I love it but also dream of winning the lottery - cruising round Alaska ~PrincessCruises #travel

Neonatology: Caring for premature babies in the NICU. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

I love all of Aubrires nurses, I wouldn't be able to stay sane without them ❤

Become a NICU Nurse. So grateful for those nurses who saved my baby. Inspiring women. I want to do the same for all babies!

I do battle with the angel of death 36 hours a week. What do you do for a living? | Encouragement Ecard |

I know your time with baby is precious, but if your preemie does this, it means STOP and give them a break :)