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  • Anita Taylor Ballew

    What’s Your Name? Although Sharon, a 4th Grade Teacher, from Waterford, PA used this idea with her students in the cafeteria, it can also be adapted for classroom use. “Our cafeteria staff was struggling with keeping our students quiet and sitting down during lunch. We tried various strategies to help, even asking them to log the names of individual students who were especially loud. This was time consuming for the ladies, especially if they didn’t know the student’s name. We even tried deducting recess time for the entire class. Nothing seemed to work,” Sharon admits. “Finally, I decided to create a necklace for each of my students to wear to lunch with their names on them. If caught misbehaving or being loud, this necklace was simply taken away and placed in a basket. When I came to pick up my students, I would check the basket and only those students whose necklaces I found would lose recess time. Students who were able to keep their necklaces all week were allowed to participate in a drawing to visit the prize box on Fridays. It worked so well, all the teachers in my grade level are planning on having their students make necklaces the first day of school. Staying with the theme, this year I thought it would be fun to reward students with consistent appropriate behavior to add ‘fun’ beads (sports theme beads, smiley faces, hearts, stars, etc.) to their necklaces!”

  • Heather Kool

    Ideas to control Classroom Noise. Love the magical box idea!

  • Dragon's Den Curriculum

    Shh! Ideas for Keeping the Classroom Quiet...I absolutely LOVE the marshmallow idea for third graders!

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This is a good way for the kids to control their volume in the class room and even outside of the class room. Again kids at this age learn best when they are shown something, instead of being told something.

This is a great website for getting tips on how to decorate your classroom. It makes me want to re-do my primary colored room!

Noise Meter is a cool way to remind students the correct noise level that they should be using! A.C.

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