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Less words, More action

Less words, more action.God, I need to remember this in talk a lot about getting into shape but I'm lousy at putting into action.

Here are 9 easy tips you can put into action today to get lean fast and shed unwanted body fat.

How to Get Lean Fast

Here are 9 easy weight loss motivation tips you can put into action today to get lean fast and shed unwanted body fat.

Makes us appreciate how our organs can get crowded and not function properly carrying too much xtra weight.

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Body scan of a 250 lb. woman compared to a 120 lb. On the 250 lb woman you can see the lower bone density, fatty heart, low percentage of muscle. notice the size of the intestinal tract and the fat pockets around the BRAIN.

This month's choices are next month's body

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"sitting is killing you" so read this standing up! (gonna go for a walk daily !) especially difficult if your body is wracked with pain however hard - get up and move ! play upbeat music because at least your body will try to sway to the beat


Summer is just around the corner and it's time to make some changes in my life for the better! Body is now undergoing construction!

Well this is cool! I can never see the lbs lost on my self but putting them in a jar would be awesome.  pounds to go, pounds lost.

Motivation Marbles - Pounds Lost, Pounds to Lose.move a marble/bead/rock for every pound lost or gained! Like this for the visual reminder!

If she can, i can.

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