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  • Erica Lehman

    Organizing your homeschool library bookshelves with shoebox bins

  • Home School in the Woods

    From Blog, She Wrote: "Organizing Your Homeschool Library" ... As homeschool moms, don't we ALL tend to breathe a little more rapidly as we approach the library book sale? Our pulse quickens and we get sweaty palms — like a treasure hunter whose shovel thuds as it hits a trunk. Who knows what goodies we'll find? I believe it was Diana Waring who said something like, "You can tell a homeschool mom because she has bookshelves in the bathroom!" This site will help you organize your treasures!

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Ikea Trofast Bins Under Window: We use these to house manipulatives for busy pre-schoolers. Some of our favorites are Magna-Tiles, play food, and stacking pegs. I rotate these toys once in awhile to prevent boredom, but I went ahead and labeled them anyway as many of our favorites tend to stay in rotation.

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10 Ways to Make Your Homeschool Day Run Smoothly 1) Wake up before your children. 2) Have a supper plan each day 3) Create a routine 4) Tidy your school area each day 5) Tell your children the "plan for the day" 6) Avoid answering the phone 7) Stay offline during school hours 8) Have your children's schoolwork planned 9) Serve snacks daily 10) Smile!

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Post It Lesson Plan Book - lesson plan book with color coded post-it notes that can easily be reused year after year. Notes can easily be moved to different days or different pages depending on my schedule.