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Mike Rowe. I have a job for you. And a bath to clean up in afterward.

Intelligent, Classy, Humble, Funny........all the qualities I'm looking for.

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"We’re not sufficiently gob-smacked by the accomplishments of skilled labor. And so we don’t encourage it. Even as thousands of college graduates return to Mom’s basement, hopelessly in debt and with no prospects in their chosen field. It’s madness."

Mike Rowe. Champion of the Value of Working Hard! Great Man - Great Role Model for young men. mikeroweWORKS @mikeroweworks "My name is Mike Rowe and I'm only dirty on the outside. Well, mostly... " Support Mike Rowe's efforts to see American Youth rejoin the "hard work force" ! Go Mike!

Mike Rowe. Aside from just being a hot guy - any guy who works a hard job and can still smile like that... is a man!

Mike Rowe and his new puppy he rescued yesterday - from the show "Dirty Jobs" This man is SEXY!!!

Paul Newman. Sewing, of course.

....I know that if I ever had the chance to meet him, I would walk away more enamored with him than I already am....I have been crushing on Bill Murray since the moment I saw Ghostbusters in 1984 ♥ ...a real genuine and funny man is more attractive than a pretty one....looks fade....character doesn't.