My dog Charlie. Vickie, Newbury Park, CA. 5/31/13.

My dog Fiona. Claire, Irvine, California. 5/26/13.

My dog Charlie. Dale, Edwards, Missouri. 10/27/13.

Looks just like my Charlie.

Charlie Brown??

My dog Dixie. Joann, Mountain Pleasant, SC. 12/31/13.

Our dog Lili. Larry & Amy, Glen Burnie, MD. 5/8/13

❤️ Looks just like our Charlie

My dogs Nadia & Gustav. Kristy, Bend, Oregon. 8/13/13.

My dog Mattie. Tresa, Corvallis, OR - 2/13/2015

My dog Charlie. Dana, Mineral Ridge, OH - 7/20/2015

5 second rule

My dog Alba. Raffaella, Italy - 4/13/2015

My dog Murphy Brown. Melissa, Portland, Oregon. 9/3/13.

My dog Daisy. Karen, Truckee, CA.1/25/13.

My dog Eva. Betsy, Houston, Texas. 2/13/14.

Our dog Yogi. Jennifer and Michael, Charlotte, NC. 10/31/2014.

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dogs are so the best

Cute dog.