I thought this was the funniest skiing picture I'd seen yet. Just had to repin it #starwarslego #skiing

Han Solo window shopping for a Chewie.

Storm Trooper Porch Light Cover! - $7.99 http://www.strictlymancave.com/storm-trooper-porch-light-cover/ #starwars #light

storm troopers...cute

Stormtrooper Shark by Mike Stimpson Photography


Ski ;-)

So much win! Star Wars iPhone background.

Surf Vader

Cayambe- Ski Pack

Come at me...

Mac & Troopers

Esc! by gravis86 #Stormtrooper #Keyboard


Lego Sarlacc Pit


Lego Snow Trooper Tea

Storm trooper up to no good. I love lego.


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Apparently coming to the dark side can be challenging if you're lego ... And Guinness is yummy so who can fault them the effort