wow, trippy

12 Coolest Tattoos Covering Scars (tattoos over scars, tattoos to cover scars) - ODDEE

This was my first tattoo, music has always been my life. I had picked out a design and when I went to the tattoo shop to get it my boyfriend pulled a drawing out and he drew it for me and it was an original. It meant so much to me I got the one he drew for me! Its been four wonderful years and I still love him and my tattoo! #music #tattoo #love

This is making my wheels turn... change up on my tree design?

Beautiful Mastectomy Scar Tattoo

love this, perfect quote for the spot.

Stylish Shoulder tattoos for women

45+ Lace Tattoos for Women | Cuded

These parents are amazing!!

I don't really care for skulls, but this one is pretty with the flower incorporated in it.


12 Coolest Tattoos Covering Scars - Personally I think scars are really cool on their own, but these are super awesome


Very pretty, a little to thick of lines for me some thing slight more delicate would be nice.

I like the 3d effect



Deltoid Zipper

Water color tatt anyone?! #tattoo #art