wow, trippy

Beautiful Celtic chest tattoo on breast cancer survivor

Baby's birthmark, mom's tattoo

wow this is a great way to cover scars

Kitty / Ear Tattoo

Very cool and feminine skull ankle bracelet tattoo.. a great example of making a typically very masculine tattoo (skull) into a feminine one.


i don't usually like tattoo's right there.. but this looks amazing.


I love this Double Heart Infinity tattoo! I would love this on the back of my neck as my next tattoo or even as a couple tattoo. Beautiful and unique!

"Turn your wounds into wisdom." Lovely way to think about my scars, those (many!) visible and those that aren't. Possible quote to incorporate into my tattoo one day...

Well, I never thought of a tattoo to cover the lovely c-section scar... hmmm

Scar cover

I want something similar to this, but, I want there to be a written quote below the lotus,.. this is a fantastic start though!

This is amazing!

I want this in white ink on my left hand below my thumb with the heart around the scar from my car accident. I absolutely hate that scar and the feeling I get every time I look at it. A semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but it didn't. Every doctor told me I should be dead, but I'm still here. My story isn't over <3

white ink

handwriting tattoos

Love this thigh tattoo :-D

Johnny Depp