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The Homecoming: Fried Egg Topped Old School 'Pinakbet' (Filipino Vegetable Stew with Pork)
Filipino Shrimp Sinigang (Sinigang na Hipon) recipe - Sour, salty, with a hint of sweet and bitter, Sinigang is one of the Philippine’s most loved dishes. The dish is easily adaptable depending on what protein is on hand, but most frequently made with pork, beef, or prawns. #filipino #soup #seafood
Pancit Bihon (Filipino Noodles) by salusalo
Pinakbet - Filipino Shrimp and Vegetable Stew
With mung bean sprouts as the prominent ingredient, Filipino communities commonly knows this dish as lumpiang togue (spring rolls with mung bean sprouts filling). But you're free to mix and match the proportions of vegetables in it, according to Casa Veneration.
Sushi always tastes good and is so healthy!!
Pancit Filipino Noodles Recipe
Shrimp coated in egg and flour batter and deep fried.  Served with a tomato-based sweet and sour sauce for dipping.
Take the boring ground pork into an easy to make and delicious Pork Burger Steak with Melted Cheddar Cheese