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Government:The Jordanian government is a Constitutional Monarchy. Which means they have a king and queen who are the head of state but have no political power. The Jordanian King is Abdallah II. The picture above is Abdullah Ensour. He is their Prime Minister who has most of the political power. A Prime Minister is appointed by the Monarch.

Jordanian Tries to Open Door on Lufthansa Flight so Passengers Can Meet Allah -- A Jordanian man with a US passport kept changing seats, then started messing with the exit door. He was arrested ...

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordan has deployed "thousands" of troops at its border with Iraq as it ramps up a campaign against ISIS militants who set a pilot ablaze, two Jordanian government officials told NBC News on Tuesday.

from Mail Online

Jordan is at 'boiling point' and 'dam will burst' if West doesn't help

LEARN AMERICA: The Jordanian government says there are another one million unregistered Syrians living in the country, which has a population of 9.5million, and fear more will arrive due to the estimated 13.5million vulnerable and displaced people who remain in Syria.....King Abdullah said the flood of refugees into his country had damaged its education and healthcare systems and urged Western leaders to recognise the huge strain the Syrian conflict is having on his citizens.

Jordanian Sheikh:‘There is no “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah gave Israel to the Jews’- Sheikh said: "The Palestinians are the killers of children, the elderly and women. They attack the Jews and then they use those as human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children as if they weren't their own children, in order to tell the public opinion that the Jews intended to kill them. This is exactly what I saw with my own eyes in the 70's, when they attacked..."(PLEASE…

The jailed Iraqi female Muslim terrorist at the center of an exchange deal between ISIS and the Jordanian government, will be handed over to the Islamic State terror group in Iraq, according to unc...

In a thrilling dramatic narrative, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Joby Warrick traces how the strain of militant Islam behind ISIS first arose in a remote Jordanian prison and spread with the unwitting aid of two American presidents.

You could see this coming!!! (got to get some popcorn....)