brown eyes

Matte, Dark Brown Eye Makeup Look Pictorial/Tutorial

Blue bottom eye liner, way to bring out brown eyes

. The eyes are the window to the soul. For many people, this is the first thing they notice about another. So this is an important part of beautifying ourselves. With this Eye Makeup Tutorial, you will let those baby blues, browns, greens, or whatever shine!! #EYE_MAKEUP_TUTORIAL #Top_Pinned_EYE_MAKEUP_TUTORIAL


i've always said to never do blue eyeshadow, but this one would work on certain people ( grey eyes, brown eyes )

This is beautiful!! purples and gold.

I ♥ this!

makeup for brown eyes

Eye Makeup

Eye Make up ideas...beautiful eyes

Inverse Gradient: Teal, Gold & Brown Eyes or Citrus Smokey Eyes!!

Makeup for brown eyes <3

Lil purple

Finally, something for brown eyes!

Intense Makeup for Brown Eyes