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    African crane

    crowned crane

    ~~East African Grey Crowned Crane (Balearica regulorum) by diana_robinson~~

    West African Crown Crane


    Saddle-billed Stork, Kenya

    Black Crowned Crane, Uganda

    African Reed frog

    Lappet-Faced Vulture, Masai Mara, Kenya

    Sandhill Crane

    African Red Birds

    Araripe Manakin from Brazil

    African Fish Eagle

    Doherty's Bush-Shrike (Telophorus dohertyi)

    ^Eastern Yellow-Billed Hornbill

    Green-barred woodpecker

    Golden-Backed Weaver

    Blue Cranes

    The Knysna Turaco, Tauraco Corythaix, or, in South Africa, Knysna Lourie, is a large turaco, one of a group of African near-passerine birds.

    Polish chicken. Yes, there are shows for fancy chickens. At one time people bred this bird for meat. Think big roasters. We don't do it today because they take too long to "reach market weight." Read that "they grow too slowly to be profitable."

    ~~Yellow Billed Oxpecker jumping onto African Buffalo's face, Masai Mara, Kenya |