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  • Regina Mook

    Chicken Daikon Soup - 500g chicken, skin removed (Or 3 large chicken drumsticks/half chicken/chicken thighs, chopped to rough pieces) - 1 litre of water - 5 slices of ginger - 1 daikon (white radish/白萝卜), about 300g, peeled and cut to large chunks - 8 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed - 1 tbsp wolfberries, soaked in water till puffy - 3 dried scallops - salt

  • Violet Purple

    Chicken & Daikon (White Carrot) Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)

  • Bonnie 叶

    Daikkon chicken rice cooker soup

  • Juliana Boon

    Chicken & Daikon Soup Recipe

  • Rebecca Pang

    Chicken & Daikon Soup (Rice Cooker Recipe)

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Soup: Chinese Daikon and Carrot Soup. Recipe is in the video, and includes tips for getting that wonderful clear broth that Chinese soups so often have.

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Check out my simple recipe for chicken & daikon soup, cooked entirely and effortlessly in a rice cooker. It's a very nourishing and qi balancing soup.

One of the soup that my Mom often cooked for us, this daikon and pork soup is simple and tasty, and the addition of salted dried cuttlefish turns this into a delectable affair. If you cannot find salted dried cuttlefish, you can substitute with ebi (dried shrimps), fish sauce, or …

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