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  • Steffanie Soo

    Long Bean Omelette I was reminded of this childhood favourite dish of mine when I saw tigerfish's recipe for green bean omelette egg fritters. Seeing her delicious egg fritters set off an instant craving as I remember my mum used to whip these up and we usually have it with plain porridge. So I

  • Tina K

    Long Bean Omelette Recipe | Noob Cook Recipes

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The best part of this crockpot Denver omelette casserole is that you can fill it with all the veggies you like!

We make these EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. we go camping. They are SO good-- nothing tastes better after a long night of being cold and hungry. The kids love them because they can make them however they want and I love them because clean-up is virtually non-existent! You just can't lose with these. Also great for REUNIONS! You can whip up big batches at one time!