Chinese New Year Porridge Recipe

My mom's chicken congee recipe - my favorite kind of Chinese rice porridge. #foodgawker

Chinese chicken congee (rice porridge)

Chinese Cashew Chicken with only 3 main ingredients & dinner is ready in 30 mins. This easy recipe teaches you how to make brown sauce and tender chicken, like Chinese restaurants!

Chinese chicken congee

Chinese Dumpling Pork Filling | via the novice chef

How to Make Authentic Chinese Congee (Rice Porridge) - so simple and comforting!

Chinese Egg Fried Rice

Leftover Turkey Recipe: Chinese Congee (Rice Porridge or Jook) | Steamy Kitchen | Jaden Hair

"Jook " Chinese Rice Porridge.

Sticky rice with Chinese sausage is a dim sum favorite, and really easy to make at home. With this authentic sticky rice recipe, you'll be having dim sum at home in no time.

For when I can actually source fish cake and chinese sausage: One of my favourite Malaysian dishes - Char Kuay Teow

chinese rice porridge recipe

Potstickers - Chinese Dumplings #potstickers #dumplings #chinese #appetizer #dimsum

Chicken and apple balls with barbecue dip - great party food for both kids and adults.

Chinese Braised Chicken with Chestnuts Recipe - Jeanette's Healthy Living

Kimchi Fried Rice recipe - Kimchi fried rice takes practically 15 minutes to prepare and calls for a few basic ingredients: kimchi, overnight steamed rice, and egg. If you like, you can add meat such as beef, chicken, spam, or bacon, but I like the plain kimchi fried rice. #30minutemeals #korean #rice

Cheesy Garlic Bread - Turn regular Italian bread into buttery & cheesy garlic bread with this super easy garlic bread recipe that takes only 20 mins.

Chinese Chicken Salad - with crunchy noodles and an simple but amazing dressing by David Chang (Momofuku)

Hot and Sour Soup – the BEST and EASIEST Chinese hot and sour soup recipe ever!! Make with simple ingredients, takes 15 mins and a zillion times better than takeout |