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Hokkein Mee Prawn Stock Ingredients

Laksa recipe - I have adapted this laksa recipe so the taste appeals more to the western palate. I added evaporated milk to the stock, so it’s half coconut milk and half evaporated milk. The end result is a creamier version of laksa without the dominant flavor of coconut milk. #malaysian #shrimp

Singapore Style Noodles- a dish we fell in love with while living back east, while it's a staple menu item at every Chinese food restaurant in MD, it's not as easy to find on the menu's in CA.

Curry mee

Singapore Mei fun- rice noodle, napa cabbage and shrimp stir fry

Four ingredient marinades for chicken

street food in Singapore

Green Bean Soup Ingredients

sushi rice ingredients

Chinese Apple Herbal Soup Ingredients

Ingredients for Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup

Beer Steamed Prawns Recipe

Thai Food Ingredients

Curry Vegetables Recipe - Spices Ingredients

Korean Cooking Ingredients

Mee Goreng Mamak

Mee Pok