Korean bean sprout salad (Sukju Namul)

Korean Spicy Cucumber - these are yummy! If you've ever had Korean BBQ you know what these are :)

Kongnamul Muchim (Seasoned Soybean Sprouts)

Budae Jigae (Korean Army Stew) Recipe

Mu Saengchae (Spicy Korean Radish Salad) This site has many wonderful Korean recipes

sangchu geotjeori (korean lettuce salad - salty, sweet, and vinegary taste)

Korean Soya Bean Sprouts Salad Recipe

Kimchi Kongnamul Guk (Soybean Sprout Soup with Kimchi) | Korean Bapsang

Japanese Cabbage Salad-3 cups (6oz) pre-shredded coleslaw mix -For the dressing: -1 tsp granulated sugar -1 tsp light soy sauce (omit for gluten-free) -1 tsp canola oil -1½ tbsp rice wine vinegar -1 scallion, finely chopped -Toppings: -3 tbsp toasted sesame seeds -¼ cup bonito flakes (dried, fermented, and smoked skipjack tuna)

Egg Rolls Recipe 계란말이 - Korean Side Dish - Eugenie Kitchen

few salad in a jar recipes

Steamed pork ribs, black bean sauce.

bibim guksu (korean mixed sweet & spicy noodles)

Korean Spinach, the rustic version

Chinese Bean Curd Rolls Stuffed with Pork, Mushroom, and Ginger

This take on fried rice has less saturated fat, but more protein and fiber: Barley with Brussels Sprouts, Spinach, and Edamame, Wholeliving.com #healthylunches

How to Make Perfect Korean Steamed Rice

Brussels sprout salad

Gyeran Mari (Korean Rolled Omelette)

Broccoli Banchan

Backyard Bulgogi-Korean fave